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About Nickisgarden.com

We are Nicki and David a couple who really loves gardening!  We have only been gardening seriously for a few years now and we are continually learning.  That’s just one of the great things about gardening – we are constantly learning and experimenting while working in our gardens.  We get outside and enjoy the weather and the world around us.  We really pay attention to the birds and to other little animals around us.  Gardening really makes us feel connected to the world.

Since we bought our first home and started our first “non-container” gardens we have really gotten a fever for working in the soil and watching things grow.  There is something really satisfying about eating a nice ear of Silver Queen and knowing YOU grew it!   

Since we have many pets, and are also environmentally concerned we are very interested in and curious about organic gardening.  We are also big lovers of heirloom varieties and of conserving our native plant life and wildlife. 

We started this web site out of a desire to have a place to share our interest and passion in gardening.  We want to share what we have learned by our own trials and efforts as well as learn from fellow gardeners, and we encourage others to send us their tips and photos, success stories or favorite products.

Many things that we have found to be interesting and/or helpful can be found on our site.  We want to make it easy for fellow gardeners to find information.  I’ve done enough searches on garden topics to wish for a more concise directory of information.  To that end we have compiled links to all states county extension offices and have also provided links to a wide range of plant and gardening web sites  Some of these sites are retailers or wholesalers; some are guide sites much like our own. 

We hope you enjoy our site.  We wish you luck in your own backyards.  You can check back to see how ours is doing.  :)