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The Ames Lawn Buddy

I was recently given a Lawn Buddy and I couldn't be happier about it! My days of stopping in the middle of tending my beds to go get some other tool or some twine are over. This buddy can accommodate a box of Miracle Grow and any hand tool you need to take care of your garden. Twine, markers, gloves all have a place. You can attach a rake or hoe to the side. You can take all your supplies out and use it for a cart - the lid acts as a handle. It's wide design and wide tires allow it to travel over most any garden or lawn terrain.

Having the seat on top is really nice but the best thing, the one I appreciate the most on a hot day in August when I'm busy harvesting tomatoes, is the drink holder! :)

The Lawn Buddy is a great gift idea for any gardener that you know, or a special treat for yourself.