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Natural Weather Predictors

Indicators of Good Weather

  • Cumulus clouds appear to dissolve and vanish
  • Cumulus clouds are smaller at sundown than they were at noon
  • Clouds are high – the higher the clouds, the better the weather
  • The wind is from the west
  • The sky is red at sunset
  • Fog comes from the direction of the ocean
  • Fog rises
  • Birds fly high in the sky

Indicators of Bad Weather

  • Cumulus clouds increase and ride lower in the sky toward evening
  • Cirrus clouds merge into cirrostratus
  • Clouds travel at different heights and speeds, and in opposite directions
  • Clouds fly against the wind
  • The sky is red at sunrise
  • Yellow streaks are visible in the sky at sunset
  • Smoke descends instead of rising
  • Fog comes from a landward direction
  • Fog settles down toward the ground
  • The sun looks blurry or hazy, or has a halo
  • A ring around the moon – the larger the ring, the sooner rain will come
  • Stars twinkle more then usual
  • Flowers are especially fragrant
  • Birds fly low or do not fly at all
  • Birds are nosier than usual
  • Cows huddle in the field and turn their tails to the coming storm
  • Bees stay close to the hive and will not swarm
  • Insects bite more, and the bites itch more
  • Snakes are less hidden than usual
  • Stone walls feel damp

This information taken from the Horticulture Gardener’s Desk Reference